Construction Staking or otherwise known as Site Layout Survey is the process of interpreting construction plans and designs either ours or another firm. Marking in the field the location of proposed new structures such as buildings, sidewalks, curb and gutter, storm-sanitary sewer, roads to ensure that the project is built according to the designed engineered plans. The staking refers to points helping guide the contractor construct the improvements on the site and help ensure the construction project is completed on schedule – budget – and as designed.

Northwestern Surveying and Engineering survey crew’s hold MnDot Technical Certification (CST-III) which is a federally mandated program that certifies us to work on Federal Aid, State Aid and state highway construction projects.

Northwestern Surveying and Engineering was contracted by a partner we work closely with on many projects Barr Engineering to survey and design the site layout of their new maintenance building in Clearbrook MN. We worked on every aspect of the project from preliminary survey to design to final construction. Our Environmental Technicians worked of the wetland delineation report from field survey to final report. Our Environmental Technicians are also Survey Crew Chief’s so there is not extra personal on site to keep costs low for our client. We incorporated into the storm water containment design French Drains in the containment areas (infiltration basin) for storm water runoff which is a best management practice. This greatly helps in downstream erosion, improves water quality and does not release water except by infiltration, evaporation or overflow during flood conditions. Below is some of the photos during construction.

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We are licensed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa as Land Surveyors and Engineers.