How much will my survey cost?
Each property survey is different, affected by the unique nature of your property.  Is the land wooded or open?  How large is the property?  How many corners will need to be marked?  Is your need for a simple lot survey, or is the more extensive ALTA (American Land Title) survey more appropriate to your goals?  Once we understand the scope and purpose of your survey, we will provide guidance as to the most appropriate land survey type along with a firm price quote.

How long will it take?
Small residential surveys can usually be completed within 1 to 2 weeks.  Larger, commercial surveys may take from 30 to 60 days, depending on the details of the survey. We are willing to consider expediting land surveys needed on a priority or “emergency” basis.

Are you licensed?
Yes.  It is illegal to perform survey work in any state without a license.

Can you survey year round?
Yes.  Anytime the leaves are off the trees it is a better time to perform a land survey.  However, large snowfalls and below zero wind chills can make it impossible to provide a survey to levels of accuracy we demand.

Is courthouse work always necessary?
You may say “I have my deed, why must you research records at the courthouse?” The answer is that a property survey is like working a puzzle.  Your neighborhood is the puzzle, and your property is only one piece.  To perform an accurate land survey, we must make sure that your piece of the puzzle fits properly with all those that surround it.  For larger properties, and for properties not within a recorded plat, we must often do extensive research into prior deeds in order to resolve all discrepancies.

Where do you find the starting point?
It is a common misconception with land surveying that there are starting points to which all surveyors go in order to perform an accurate land survey.  In reality, very few land surveys have a known starting point. While surveying your property, we usually find a variety of property corner markers including iron pins, cast iron monuments, wooden stakes, and concrete monuments to name a few.  All of the found property corner markers are measured and then analyzed by the Licensed Surveyor to ensure that they are legitimate corners and how your corners relate to the found markers.  Property corner positions are then calculated, set, and recorded so that you or future owners of the property don't have to re-establish your corners again.

Do I have to be there?
99% of property surveys are completed with our only customer contact being by phone or online.  You do not need to accompany us on the property while we perform the survey.  With our reputation for exceptional customer service, we work to make your land survey process as streamline as possible.  From our firm quote to your final results, we will treat you with the respect and care others reserve only for their best customers.

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