Taking the initiative.

Northwestern Surveying and Engineering provides Preliminary surveying, Pipeline Utility Sweeping, Construction staking and As-built surveys for oil, gas and power companies. NWSE has the elevated insurance requirements, equipment, training, and certifications to work on major projects.

  • NWSE works with Enbridge Energy and other firms to locate and flag underground pipes and utilities to ensure a safe work environment before ground disturbance begins.
  • Detailed utility maps and ground disturbance maps are created for each mile-post and girth-weld.
    Safety inspections, training and drug testing are routinely administered to ensure safety.
  • NWSE is a leader in utility location; often called upon to double check missed utility lines by other firms to prevent potential strikes.
  • NWSE currently provides services in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan.
  • Construction surveys are site layout surveys which show the builder where to build and at which elevation. They generally include a preliminary topographic survey before construction and then set hubs and lathe to mark the new location of structures and buildings based on the civil engineer’s construction plans.
  • Northwestern Surveying and Engineering has staked many transmission line tower foundations, pipeline working spaces, and pumping stations.
  • NWSE prioritizes construction staking and As-built surveys for Energy clients to ensure continuous workflow for large projects.
  • Our team adheres to strict safety protocols and work efficiently and accurately.
  • Our Integrity dig team specializes in locating and mapping pipelines and adjacent utilities.
    Create alignment maps depicting stationing, electronic depth, and ties to geodetic monuments or control points.
  • Survey and stake pipeline dig locations.
  • Perform bathymetric surveys for water crossings.
  • Preliminary Route Surveys are essential for energy companies to select a route. It is necessary to locate existing features of the route, to identify areas of environmental impact, and to identify areas of right-of-way acquisition in order to determine feasibility and probable costs.
  • NWSE trained staff composite preliminary surveys on pipeline routes and transmission line routes. These surveys include topography, utilities, right-of-way, road corridors, and edge of water locations.
  • NWSE perform bathymetric surveys for water crossings.
  • NWSE delivers Preliminary surveys on schedule and on budget.
  • 3D scanning services collects data at 1 million points per second and provides CAD drawings that show minute details.
  • Northwestern Surveying creates detailed CAD drawings for retrofitting pipeline pump stations, cellular towers, transmission lines and roadway as-builts.
  • 3D scanning can be a great asset when determining mining volume computations.