Expertise in all aspects of site development.

Northwestern Surveying and Engineering provides civil engineering design, land development plans and stormwater analysis and design for multi-unit residential properties, schools, community and government buildings, parks, residential sub-divisions, commercial sites, and parking lots.

  • All land development and construction projects require proper drainage for stormwater during extreme rainfall events. Proper drainage prevents localized flooding.
  • NWSE engineers work with local planning boards to meet government requirements while balancing costs and aesthetics.
  • Site design engineering involves civil engineering design, land use planning, land surveying and permitting. NWSE’s engineers work with construction managers and owners to create plans that flow through the entire project; including site investigation, topographic surveying, civil design, stormwater and underground utility management, permitting, construction staking, as-built surveys and regular meetings.
  • Land Development includes converting raw land into construction ready housing, commercial or industrial building sites.
  • Northwestern Surveying and Engineering works with clients to capture their vision for the property while working the local planning boards to conform with government requirements on usage, drainage, landscaping, grading, and paving.
  • NWSE produce cost effective plans that minimize fill and grading.
  • Civil engineering is the design and construction of public and private works.
  • Northwestern Surveying and Engineering design construction plans for roads, parks, sidewalks, drainage ponds and parking lots.
  • NWSE’s civil design plans mitigate costs while following governmental guidelines and creating functional and aesthetic plans.